Garlic Stuffed Manzanilla Olives by Ybarra

If you are addicted to garlic stuffed olives, you should give this item of Ybarra a try for its deliciousness and inimitable zest. The producer handpicks green Manzanilla olives from Sevilla, fill those with fresh garlic, and soak in brine to bring a unique taste.

A dash of garlic paste certainly adds a delightful accent to these excellent local Spanish olives. At only 6% of the olive, it’s just enough garlic to enhance the taste of the olive without overwhelming it.

The collection of Ybarra Olives is produced by the eminent Hijos de Ybarra Company. The company was originally founded in 1842 by the first Count of Ybarra, Don Jose Maria de Ybarra y Gutierrez de Coviedes, and it remains in the family’s hands six generations later.

The particular olives are originally drawn from his estate in the Aljarife region of southeast Sevilla province. Aljarife manzanilla table olives are noted for their plumpness, size and flavour.

Ybarra is known throughout Spain as the standard against which all other commercial olives are measured. And the taste of savoury garlic paste inside each olive makes the perfect and delicious balance!

A Delicious Balance of Garlic and Manzanilla Olives

  • Traditional Manzanilla olive: large, plump and flavorful
  • Savoury garlic paste inside each olive
  • Made by Ybarra, the brand standard of commercial olives


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