Gazpacho with Raf Tomatoes

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Spanish Gazpacho is indeed one of Andalusia’s trademark foods and a true Mediterranean delicacy. This extraordinary recipe by Chef Martin Berasategui on sale is made with Special Raf Tomatoes from Almeria.

Spanish cold tomato soup Gazpacho has been a perfect starter during summer and this one -Santa Teresa Raf Tomato Gazpacho- is bursting with fresh, ripe tomato flavour.

One can easily sample the critical balance of flavours and acidity between the vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar, and garlic, which is certainly difficult to attain when one tries to make it at home.

Made under the direction of Martin Berasategui, Michelen three star chef of San Sebastian, this Raf Tomatoes Gazpacho is fresh – never pasteurized – and is shipped refrigerated in a tetra pack protected from light.

  • Made with Special Raf Tomatoes from Almeria
  • Shipped refrigerated from Spain
  • Super fresh, never pasteurized

Unique flavour of Raf tomato in Gazpacho

The sweet taste of the Raf tomato cannot be compared with any other tomato. Besides, it contains much more Vitamin C than orange juice, as well as being high in antioxidants.

Authentic Raf tomatoes are the “pata negra” of tomatoes– a special strain grown along the Bajo Andarax and Campo de Nijar, in Almeria – and nowhere else! The tomato plants uniquely flourish in brackish water, which concentrates their flavour. Its sweet low-acid taste is reminiscent of how tomatoes used to taste “in the good old days”.

Chef Berestegui uses one of Nature’s masterpieces, the Raf tomato, and combines it with sherry vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, fresh cucumber, sea salt, pepper and fresh garlic to produce this scrumptious Gazpacho. It contains no preservatives or additives and is gluten free, making it suitable for Celiacs.

Gazpacho makes a delicious starter to a meal but this one is the best example of the trademark Andalusian salad-soup. This Gazpacho with Raf Tomatoes has been awarded the Gold Medal for Best Product in Congreso “Viva las Verduras 2008.”


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