Jamon Iberico de Bellota by Fermin

Fermin’s Jamon Iberico de Bellota or the traditional Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham from Salamanca is an excellent product to be a fan of Jamon Iberico Experience. Like Beluga caviar or Kobe beef, Jamon Iberico de Bellota is one of the supreme luxuries of the meat world.

The uniqueness of Bellota ham is that these hams are made from a rare breed of pig found only in Spain, the black-footed Cerdo Iberico, which is believed to descend from the prehistoric Mediterranean boar.

These unusual Iberian pigs spend a majority of their lives freely roaming the Dehesa woodlands of Western Spain, eating a diet that consists primarily of acorns (bellota, in Spanish).

Curing Process of Bellota Ham

This acorn-laden diet, in combination with its free-range lifestyle, results in a ham that is not only full of rich, nutty and ultimately distinctive flavour, but that also has a surprising number of health benefits.

Jamon Iberico Bellota ham contains more antioxidants than other hams, as well as more oleic acid (the same “healthy fat” found in olive oil) than any other meat.

The pig’s harmonious development of acorn-infused fat and muscle from its time in the Dehesa allows it to cure for as many as two years longer than traditional ham.

  • By Embutidos y Jamones Fermín
  • Acorn-fed, free-range pata negra
  • Approx. Wt. 7.5 Kilos –16.5 lb bone-in whole ham
  • Dry-cured in mountain air for 2-3 years
  • From La Alberca in Western Spain

During the curing time of Bellota ham, the seasonal fluctuations cause chemical changes which create a unique marbling and flavour in the resulting Bellota ham coveted by both Spaniards and ham lovers around the world.

Your traditional bone-in Jamon Iberico de Bellota is a rare and exquisite product, perfect for a festive occasion or savouring slice by slice. Serve thin slices of this tender, ruby red ham at room temperature and it will literally melt in your mouth!


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