Molineta de Minaya Saffron, Spain

Grown by a small family in La Mancha, the Molineta de Minaya is the finest quality saffron cultivated in Spain. La Tienda brings this unique item to spice up your kitchen. The definitive gourmet food guide defines ‘Princesa de Minaya’ is “An artisanal saffron of immense quality”.

Saffron, which mostly cultivated in Southwest Asia, is considered as the most expensive spice in the world. Although the Aragon region of north-eastern Spain is known for its cultivation, Molineta de Minaya Saffron is grown in La Mancha, in central Spain.

  • The best saffron in Spain
  • Certified D.O. La Mancha
  • Hand toasted, hand harvested
  • Deeper color and powerful flavor means you use less

For several generations the family of Maria Angeles and Juan Antonio Serrano has cultivated the highest quality saffron in Spain. However, they only produce the saffron only to meet their personal needs – if not the world – on their ten acre plot. They need about 200 crocus flowers to obtain the gram of saffron you find packed in this bottle.

This family collects prunes and toasts saffron on a daily basis, which has a decisive effect on its aromatic, flavour profile and colouring strength—and all three are very intense. Their production for the year is no more than 50lbs. depending on the harvest.

Although the market is flooded with huge number of inferior quality saffron, you can very well distinguish just looking at the label of jar which contains the seal of ‘Denomination of Origin La Mancha’ that guarantees that Molineta de Minaya is actually grown in La Mancha, the site of the finest saffron (azafrán) in the world.


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