Rosemary ‘Manchego’ Cheese

Manchego cheese produced in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of the Manchego breed sheep is very much popular in Spain and around the globe. This special one Rosemary ‘Manchego’ cheese is coated in fresh rosemary.

Although we can’t officially call it a Manchego cheese, it is made from the reserve Manchega sheep’s milk and hence it is indistinguishable from Manchego.

This aged cheese is put into the process for 15 months and the final product is all delightful savory rosemary. The herb complements the entire complex herbal undertones of this extraordinary aged cheese.

Uniqueness of Manchego Cheese

• Reserva sheep’s milk cheese
• Coated in fresh rosemary
• Nutty and slightly piquant
• Aged 15 months
During the curing time, this ‘Manchego’ cheese picks up just a little of the amazing aroma of the fragrant grey-green leaves of rosemary, adding an extra depth of flavor.

This one indeed regarded as one of the amazing array of artisan cheese produced in Spain. These hand-fashioned cheeses are an integral part of Spanish food culture.
Other than the presence of rosemary, it is still very much a Manchego flavor, but with something more. Many people find it especially attractive to serve during the holidays.