Senorio de Vizcantar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spain is one of the very few countries known for quality olive oil production with lot more varieties. This special selection Senorio de Vizcantar extra virgin olive oil has earned the Silver Medal at the 2008 Los Angeles International Competition.

Produced with all internationally approved process, this deep golden oil, brimming with a fresh, sweet, fruity aroma is available to you in a 2.5 liter tin. However, it’s also the rich variety of olives available in the historic Priego de Cordoba region of Andalucia which sets its uniqueness.

The award winning harvest is then blended with fresh pressed juice from picual, picudo, and hojiblanca olives. The end product is a warm and complex flavour profile – thereby avoiding the flavor limitations of a single fruit olive oil.

  • 2008 Award, L.A. international competition
  • Full bodied with bright complex flavour
  • La Tienda’s favorite

Of course, as any extra virgin olive oil is a 100 percent a product of olives with no additives, this Senorio de Vizcantar is unique a wonderful way to begin savoring the many flavours of olive oil from Spain.

In fact, you can use Senorio olive oil for everything — including deep fat frying, sauteiing, and sauces such as ali oli. Most of all, it is great for crisp green salads, dipping with a crust of bread.

Think of Senorio as you would a full bodied and delicious red wine. If you are used to the routine and characterless brands you find on the supermarket shelf — your eyes will be opened.

You will wonder why you put up with inferior products before. After all, you are not happy with bulk wine after you know the difference.

Even if you are simply looking for the best quality olive oil to cook with, Senorio olive oil is the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil available in the market.


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