Serrano Ham by Redondo Iglesias

Redondo Iglesias brings you the finest Serrano ham “Bodega Cured Jamon Serrano”. This is a very special product matured following traditional bodega methods.

Jamon Serrano or mountain ham is prepared from stock traditionally raised in Spain. Unlike Jamon Iberico, Serrano ham is cured from conventional pork. The result is a milder, smoother ham.

Serrano ham or the Jamon Serrano is produced in almost every Spanish province with little production variation that comes with curing process. All the hams available in the Spain, these are the most popular from this standpoint.

With three generations of master ham, Redondo Iglesias is today one of the very few leading brands from Spain. The popular Bodega ham can be found in every tapas bar, served with cheese, wines and olives.

  • Bodega Cured Serrano ham
  • Approx. wt.7.5 Kilos – 16.5 lb bone-in whole ham
  • Vacuum Packed and Gift Wrapped

Curing process of Serrano ham

The curing process which results in the Serrano ham is completely traditional. Each Serrano ham is hung to dry in the cool, clean mountain air where it ages for 18 to 20 months.

The hams are cured in drying rooms with open screened windows, caressed by mountain air as it wafts through the area where the hams are hung.

Finally this top quality Jamon Serrano de Bodega – Reserva comes with a complex flavour and a mild saltiness. Mount this ham in a special holder and it will be a centrepiece of any gathering. Serve this quality Serrano ham to your guests and they will rave about its flavour – the taste of the mountains of Spain.


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