Slender, Salted Largueta Almonds

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Spaniards love dry fruits such as almonds and nuts a lot which is very much evident with their extensive use in various local cuisines. The Largueta is a favorite Spanish almond with a richer and more intense flavour.

Quite close to the celebrated Marcona almond, the Largueta is much crunchier and lower in fat. These toasted and quality almonds, seasoned with a pinch of sea salt constitute a delicious snack.

Producer Esther Tusal roasts these thin almonds and then lightly seasons the Largueta almonds with sea salt. You will find all these in old style Spanish quality packed in a small glass jar.

  • Hand Toasted Largueta Almonds
  • Lightly sauteed in high quality olive oil
  • Seasoned with a pinch of sea salt

In London these pure and simple sugar glazed Largueta almonds has earned the coveted GREAT TASTE AWARDS: 2006 Bronze Award.

Speciality of pan-toasted Largueta Almonds

The Tusal pan toasted almonds are different because Esther uses fresh locally grown Largueta almonds with high quality olive oil. She sautés small batches of the long slender Largueta almonds by hand, and then sprinkles them with a pinch of seas salt.

It’s the heightened almond flavour and added crunchiness which put this in the league of Marcona almonds. Many discerning gourmets particularly value its unique flavour and find these as perfect Mediterranean appetizers.


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