Sliced Paleta Iberico by Pedro Lancho

The Paleta Iberico is the cured pork shoulder similar to jamon iberico or Iberian ham but made of the finest grain-fed Iberico pigs unlike acorn diet pigs.

Cured under the watchful eye of the experts at Pedro Lancho, Paleta Iberico has a similar flavour to the jamon (or back leg). However, as the shoulder portion is smaller in size, it requires less curing and hence available at a better price.

This paleta iberico is one of the finest Iberian pork products and one of the most praised gourmets around the world. It is delivered to you sliced by the producer so you may enjoy easier access to the delicious meat.

Curing of Paleta Iberico

This artisan product produced by Encinar de Cabezon is for the person of discernment. A small herd of Iberico pigs are scrupulously monitored from conception to the market to produce an extraordinary series of products including that of Paleta Iberico.

Producer Pedro Lancho, upon inheriting his grandfather’s finca, decided to make no compromises in producing the finest jamon iberico the likes of which you have never tested before.

Studying at the University of Caceres under the world’s leading expert on cerdo iberico, Dr Antonio Gaquez, Sr Lancho approaches the breeding and production with the intellectual precision and exactitude required in his former profession as a civil engineer.

  • Front shoulder of the native Iberico pig
  • Dry-cured
  • Rich flavor and texture
  • Thinly sliced by producer for immediate enjoyment
  • Special bulk package for chefs and restaurants

The experts at Encinar de Cabezon bring their traditional skills as well as the latest technological innovations in the sector to produce the best quality Spanish jamon and Paleta Iberico in the ideal microclimate conditions of southern Spain.


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