Spanish Teas Hand-Packed by La Cuna

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For all tea lovers in Spain, here is a basket full of some typical varieties of tea produced in Spain and collected from different parts of world. This artisan tea produced by La Cuna is a perfect gift for all, who want to taste the flavour of authentic Spanish teas.

Produced according to highly traditional methods, La Cuna has gathered exceptional teas and hand packed them in glass jars to assure freshness. In six different jars, six unique teas are hand-tied and sealed with wax, and then packed in an attractive wood box.

The artisan tea sampler wooden gift box contains teas such as: Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Fruits of the Forest, Green, Black and Red.

  • Teas: Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Fruits of the Forest
  • Green, Black and Red
  • Excellent gift!

Types of Teas

The Fruit of the Forest Tea is a blend of mulberry, blackberry, gooseberry and blueberry fruits and black tea leaves. The mulberries are mostly grown in Extremadura, while the blackberries are harvested in Asturias. And the gooseberries and the blackberries grow in Cantabria along the slopes of the rugged las montañas de la Cordillera.

Similarly, the Mandarin Tea, more an herbal tea, is produced after a centuries old secret processing method that allows the broad leaves to oxidize longer than the oolongs, giving a unique earthy flavour.

The other variety in featured tea box is the Orange Blossom Tea. La Cuna produced this tea after gathering the flower or flor de azahar in the springtime from the Spanish Azahar orange groves of Alicante and Valencia. The aroma from a cup of orange blossom is invigorating!

Besides, you will also find authentic Green, Black and Red tea in this box from La Cuna. And, to know more about the teas in Spain, please click here.


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