XL Calasparra Paella Rice

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Appx Weight: 11 lbs/5 kilos
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Paella rice is a category of rice, grown mostly in Valencia and Calasparra region of Spain, that is good for the preparation of most delicious Spanish dish ‘Paella’.

This five kilo sack of Extra-absorbant short-grain Spanish rice (XL Calasparra Rice) is indeed the one of the best to serve the need of all rice lovers.

The best part of Calasparra rice is its long maturing process which is 30% slower than other kinds of rice. It’s the longer growing cycle which makes the rice grain to absorb even more of the tasty sauces and flavours of paella broth.

This rice is totally free of all pesticides, herbicides, etc. No chemicals of any kind are added during processing. This unique centuries-old strain of rice are carefully packed and individually numbered at the farm.

So the next time you search for Spanish rice, order the special Calasparra rice to get the authentic Mediterranean flavour of rice.

Uniqueness of Calasparra

  • Very absorbent, good for sauces & broths
  • Organic short grain rice, D.O. Calasparra
  • Retains shape, not sticky or creamy
  • No pesticides or herbicides used

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